After the Marches, Keep on Walking the Walk to Defend Democracy

The marches across America yesterday were an inspiring demonstration of hope blooming in the face of adversity. It was also a shining example of what’s best about social media – organizing online to take offline action, in the real world where it counts. As a result, the world witnessed a powerful and peaceful uprising of […]

A HearYourselfThink Year-in-Review

Erin and I quit our safe, steady-paying organizer gigs over a year ago to found HearYourselfThink because we realized then that the relentless flood of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and raw irrationality gushing from talk radio, hyper-partisan media outlets, and internet echo chambers was destroying our democracy and driving our nation to the brink of disaster. As it turns […]

Fox Contributor Gets Real about Trump and Right-Wing Media

Fox News Commentator Pinned Down for Street Interview

Fox “News” in our backyard again! Yesterday, we caught up with Stephen Moore, a frequent Fox contributor, outside the hotel in Pittsburgh where he was attending a conference with a stealth lobbying organization (ALEC — the American Legislative Exchange Council) that promotes pro-corporate legislation on the state level. We wanted to hear what he had […]