HearYourselfThink’s Trainings: What We Teach

It’s our mission at HearYourselfThink to reveal the tactics propagandists use to short-circuit our higher thinking, empower people to reject toxic, inflammatory media and bend the curve in our culture back towards the truth-seeking Enlightenment values of our Founders.

Our training, “Making Reason the Loudest Voice in the Room: Communication Training for a Propaganda Era,” educates and equips citizens to have effective conversations that cut through misinformation and conspiracy, create moments of insight around media influence, cultivate self-reflection and rebuild the civic connections that are necessary for democracy to flourish. Through our training and support network, we: 

  • Explore the changes in our media and culture that help explain why our politics have become so dark, toxic and tribal;
  • Reveal the methods propagandists and demagogues use to exploit the weaknesses and needs we all have – for meaning, for security, for validation, for a “tribe” to defend us;
  • Teach the fundamentals of effective conversations, including: establishing trust; using active listening skills; asking open-ended questions and following up to explore deeper motivations, needs and beliefs; finding areas of agreement based on inarguable values and laying the foundation for ongoing communication. 
  • Practice the “HearYourselfThink Method” for having interactions that break down walls of polarization and distrust, get people thinking critically about context, nuance, media influence and have the power to change people’s attitudes and behavior. 
  • Provide support, morale, continued learning and engagement – through webinars, conference and coaching calls, an online group, and in-person meetups – as people begin to apply the strategies they’ve learned to the advocacy and organizing work they’re already doing. 
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The HearYourselfThink Project is a 501c3 non-profit that defends American values of truth, reason, and the common good by exposing how demagogues tap into the reptilian mind to divide and conquer.

We provide individuals and organizations with communication strategies, tools, and insights to make you more effective at having conversations that counter misinformation, advance Progressive American values, and puncture propaganda to create a mind space where people can hear themselves think.

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