People think, but they feel first. How are we going to make them feel and what do we want them to think about?


We’re living in an era where the public discourse is overrun by propaganda, inflammatory misinformation, and conspiracy theories. To counteract the influence of demagogues on the hearts and minds of our neighbors, we need a deeper understanding of their tactics.

HearYourselfThink Co-Founders Erin and Dave Ninehouser bring a combined two decades of Rustbelt organizing experience to the task of creating more-light-less-heat conversations that can “puncture the propaganda,” spark critical thought, and begin to rebuild social solidarity.

Our training is available to individuals, groups, and organizations. In it, we:

  • Explore changes in our media and culture that explain why our politics have become so dark, toxic, and detached from reality;
  • Reveal the methods demagogues use to exploit the weaknesses and needs we all have – for meaning, for security, for validation, for a “tribe” to defend us;
  • Teach the fundamentals of effective conversations: establishing trust, active listening, open-ended questioning, uncovering deeper motivations, needs and beliefs, finding areas of agreement based on inarguable values, and laying the foundation for ongoing communication;
  • The HearYourselfThink approach for creating a mind space where people can lower their defenses, question dogma, and hear a different point of view; and
  • Provide support, morale, and continued learning through webinars, personal coaching calls, monthly support group Zooms, and in-person meetups (once COVID-safe again) – as people begin to apply the strategies they’ve learned to the advocacy and organizing work they’re already doing, or to difficult conversations with friends, family, and neighbors.

The HearYourselfThink Project is a 501c3 non-profit that defends American values of truth, reason, and the common good by exposing how demagogues tap into the reptilian mind to divide and conquer. We are 100% funded by small donations.


Dave & Erin Ninehouser, Co-Founders


P.O. Box 116
Ambridge, PA 15003
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