It's time to make reason – not fear, cynicism, or rage – the loudest voice in our democracy.

Howling at the Moon in Moon, PA: Media-Driven Satanic Panic Fuels Hillary Hatred at Trump Rally

Thousands of hardcore supporters turned out for another Western PA Trump campaign stop in Moon today, just two days before the election.

Erin and myself decided to go and talk to folks about Alex Jones and see how much buy in there would be to his ravings about Hillary Clinton being possessed by demons, smelling of sulfur, etc.

What happened? Well, we managed to not get ourselves burned at the stake. Barely.

But the tragic reality is that the minds of Trump supporters have been fried by decades of right-wing media brainwashing, hate, and ideological indoctrination.

Rather than fight the inexhaustible supply of conspiracy and misinformation point-by-point, we used the example of the Salem witchcraft hysteria of 1692 to try and create breakthrough moments that help people step out of the cacophony of madness and think about how they’ve been swept up in a Hillary-hating frenzy.


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Martians and Witches and Clinton, oh my! Mass Delusion in the age of Trump is Dragging us to Hell.

Many people are asking this question… That sounds like a Trumpism but — with varying degrees of alarm, disbelief, and horror in their voices — many people are asking: How. Did. We. Get. Here. How, as a nation, have we sunk to the level where we have a sociopathic, ignorant conspiracy-monger who is also a delusional,… Continue Reading

Fox News Commentator Pinned Down for Street Interview

Fox “News” in our backyard again! Yesterday, we caught up with Stephen Moore, a frequent Fox contributor, outside the hotel in Pittsburgh where he was attending a conference with a stealth lobbying organization (ALEC — the American Legislative Exchange Council) that promotes pro-corporate legislation on the state level. We wanted to hear what he had… Continue Reading

HearYourselfThink in Action: Puncturing “the Fox Bubble” at Hannity/Trump Event in Pittsburgh

Fox “News” was in Pittsburgh a few weeks back with a Donald Trump event hosted by Sean Hannity. We were on the inside to witness Hannity orchestrate what was billed as a “town hall” but what was really a pro-Trump rally. Raucous attendees were encouraged to scream and cheer and chants of “Build the Wall”… Continue Reading

The Inside Truth of the Fox Propaganda Machine

On April 13th, Fox “news” staged an event (*staged* being the operative word) in our home turf of Pittsburgh that they billed as a “town hall” with Sean Hannity and Donald Trump. A long line of people, stretching for blocks, waited for hours to get into the hall for the live taping which was to be run… Continue Reading

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