A HearYourselfThink Year-in-Review

Erin and I quit our safe, steady-paying organizer gigs over a year ago to found HearYourselfThink because we realized then that the relentless flood of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and raw irrationality gushing from talk radio, hyper-partisan media outlets, and internet echo chambers was destroying our democracy and driving our nation to the brink of disaster. As it turns […]

Fox Contributor Gets Real about Trump and Right-Wing Media

Fox News Commentator Pinned Down for Street Interview

Fox “News” in our backyard again! Yesterday, we caught up with Stephen Moore, a frequent Fox contributor, outside the hotel in Pittsburgh where he was attending a conference with a stealth lobbying organization (ALEC — the American Legislative Exchange Council) that promotes pro-corporate legislation on the state level. We wanted to hear what he had […]