And we're off to a pretty good start! #SaganDayBookDrive

What are you doing for Carl Sagan Day this year?

At HearYourselfThink, we’re doing a science book drive for kids for Carl Sagan Day 2015! You can be a part of it by sending your new or very gently used science-themed children’s books to: The Hear Yourself Think Project PO Box 116 Ambridge, PA 15003 Or order your books online and have them sent to […]

Charlene 1966

Dad Always Said,”Tell the Truth, Even If It Hurts”

Hi. My name is Charlene. My father, born in 1922, lived through the Great Depression, was a member of the CCC’s and served in the Army Air Corps during World War II. He became a Democrat when he realized it was FDR and the Democrats who made sure people had enough to eat. He never […]